Why advertising with car makes sense?

Car advertisement are also known as wrap advertisements or moving advertisement.

A car typically a cab with commercial licencing has 5 doors including the rear trunk lid or the tailgate. A typical cab will travel 100km everyday on on average. That will be 2600 km/months of travel including the 4 days leave for drivers.

This gives a huge opportunity for us to reach people with the product. In urban areas customer mostly will be a working class person. On an average a working person spends nearly 2hr on road on the way to or from office and that too in traffic it becomes an opportunity for businesses to show their innovative advertisement to attract customers towards their business and wrap advertisements will just do that.

Car advertisement is also called as wrap advertisement because of the use of wrappers or stickers which contain the advertisement are stuck to the doors of the car and then letting the car travel around the city.

The customer reach of these car is high and a cost effective advertisement.

Car advertising will help many Industries such as



Following are the details of car advertisement