How drivers can earn extra money by car advertise?

Car advertisement are also known as wrap advertisements or moving advertisement.

Uber cars travel all over city dropping people to destination and earning money to its owners.

Travelling all over the city provides a unique advantage for advertisers to reach their customers.

Since a typical car has 4 side door and 1 rear door which gives a ample opportunity for advertisers to advertise on your car.Since your car moves around the city lot and lot people notice the advertisement.

It is still a better advertisement than big billboards. Billboards won’t travel around the city. So currently there is a lot of demand for car advertisements.By using car advertisement you can earn extra money just by putting advertisements on your car.

We bring you the advertisement and a pealable poster which needs to be advertised. Once the campaign is over we will deposit the amount into your account.By this you get extra earning, companies get their advertisement spread all over the city by car advertisement.

The posters we use for car advertisements are special kind of poster, These car advertising posters are easily removable and do not leave any mark after we take out the poster from your car.

Once you sign up with us you have to install our app which tracks your movement. This helps us to determine the places the car advertisement has moved in the city.With this data we can further analyse whether to advertise further if yes then in which area.This tracking is very helpful in lot of ways.

It is a kind of transparency system to advertisers as well. With car advertisement data they can either decide to continue the car advertisement further or to halt the advertisement.
Car advertising will help many Industries such as

Following are the details of car advertisement