Car Advertising Process Flow

Step 01 - Register/Signup

Once you Sign up with us You will have a separate account and all your advertising campaigns will be listed.You will have a map to live track your car advertisement.
If you want to talk to us before you want to create an account you can Just register on the main page we will call you back right away.

Step 02 - The Creat!on

A well designed Car advertise Poster will catch more eyes than the normal poster. Design a eye catching posters using the tips given or Let us create one poster for you.
Be crisp and clear in what you want to convey.


Step 03 - The Chosen ones!

Once you have designed the posters for car advertisement now is the time to decide number of vehicles you want to use for advertising.
Number of vehicles can be determined by the budget you have 

Step 04 - The Proof

Once we are ready to move your Car advertisement.. you will receive pictorial proof of each and every car.Notification will be sent to your registered mobile number. 

Display a map

Step 05 - The Tracking

You can track your car advertisement online on the map.You can see each and every road where your advertise has moved.You can analyse the campaign status and decide further actions.
<– This is a live advertisement of a company.
at the end of every day the data is updated on vehicle movement 

Step 06 - The Result

Enjoy the results of your campaign. Car advertising  will definitely increase your number of sales or number of customers, or users.

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